What you have here is a singer/songwriter giving you no pretense, no gimmick rock as it has been done since the beginning, straight from the heart.
— Floorshine Zipper Boots Blog


“Dreamy” is a highly enjoyable summer record built on a classic rock n roll structure, which Dan builds on with engaging elements of electronic indie pop, R&B, and even feel-good oldies — incorporating beloved hooks from influences like The Beatles, the classic “Not Fade Away” and Brenton Wood’s “Oogum Boogum Song.” What’s not to like?

-House Show Magazine, Link

"Having recently spent some time in New Orleans and Atlanta, Rico’s new sound builds on his garage- and punk-rock past with hints of doo-wop, soul, funk, and roots rock. His songs will just as easily take you for a spin on the dance floor as they will cradle an arm around you on the couch."

-Post Trash, Link

"A grainy, glammy mix of pop and rock’s past, present, and future. " 

 -Impose Magazine, Link

"Endless Love est un bel album qui séduira les derniers romantiques luttant pour leur survie en ce bas monde"

 -Planet Gong Link

"Rico's solo outing may catch you by surprise, as these simple and catchy pop hits, executed with a dash of pomp and sympathy, crash right into a soul-laden groove of sophistication, yet still retain a semblance of his impossible-to-hide lo-fi posterior."

 -Victim of Time, Link

"Chicago Singer Songwriter Dan Rico has released his new 7″ called ‘Flesh & Bone’. Its three tracks back in time to all things glam rock, vintage pop and beautiful. It’s a timeless collection that rewinds all the hustle and bustle and brings you swagger and slickness suave at its best. ‘"

-Indie Buddy, Link

"Imagine Mick Jagger in his twenties strutting around on stage while singing “Brown Sugar”, and that’s what you get with Dan Rico."

-The Revue, Link

"Endless Love est un disque touchant, émouvant et profondément attachant." 

-Raw Power Magazine, Link

"His music can easily be described as soulful rock 'n' roll and it'll probably get you hooked in the first listen."

-Buried Muse, Link

"C'est à la fois sexy, sensuel, irréel et un brin kitsch. 

-Sun Burns Out, Link

"The record channels an early DIY punk esthetic through that 1970s mash-up of 1950s nostalgia, breathy emotive R&B male vocals (that Prince would use to great effect in the 1980s), and crunchy rock and roll guitars. Having said that, what marks the record is the coherency of its sound, even as it showcases multiple styles in songwriting and production." 

-Pop Rock Record, Link

"Mr. Rico continues his streak of releasing top notch rock n roll. His songs have a power pop twist, a dusting of glam rock, and all done with that feeling of intimacy of a singer/songwriter performance. Dan Rico is one of the brightest gems I’ve discovered this year and listening to this EP will make you think the same."-

-Audio Ammunition, Link

"What you have here is a singer/songwriter giving you no pretense, no gimmick rock as it has been done since the beginning, straight from the heart."

-Floorshime Zipper Boots Blog, Link

"If you didn't know any better, you'd think this was released in the 70's... Instant Classic."

-Kick Ass Indie Jams, Link

"Dan Rico’s debut record is a bit of a grower, but it’s an album that demands your repeated attention. Endless Love is garage rock at its purest." 

-Unsung Sundays, Link

"The greatest joys in life come at you unexpectedly, and that is the case with the new single from Dan Rico... His brash garage-pop is immensely enjoyable." 

-Music Defined, Link

"What you should know is that Dan Rico is an outstanding singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist musician who expresses all his creativity through these twelve coherent and catchy pieces."

-Le Oreilles Curieuse blog, Link

"Brilliantly clever songwriting and production value are on showcase here and coherently run throughout the length of the album. "

-Sodwee Music, Link

"With a vintage flare and a timeless vocal, Rico’s garage-pop tune is 2 quick minutes of feel good music, that end way too soon."

-Cereal + Sounds, Link

"...Flesh & Bone is bloody good."

-The Devil Has the Best Tuna, Link

"After a nudge from the romantic beach-scene video for lead single "Soft Feeling," this wolf is falling hard for Rico's soul-punk vibe!" 

-Gossip Wolf, Chicago Reader, Link

"Avec sa voix attachante et son côté détaché mais serré Dan Rico emporte le morceau avec un album emballant de bout en bout, et très très riche qui s’écoute donc avec intérêt encore et encore!"

-Voix Garage De Noble, Link

" It's quite impressive because it runs all through the Rock n' Roll timeline. I can hear British Invasion, Soul, Glam, Indie Rock, Power Pop and a whole lot more. There’s even some keyboard action and some LA’s Zeros influence on a few of the tunes. The songs go full throttle guitar rock n' roll down to tender ballads. But the marvelous part about the whole thing is that it all still sounds cohesive and gelled."

-Audio Ammunition, Link

"L’habileté réside en cela que les influences de Dan Rico, aussi diverses soient-elles, sont maîtrisées sur le bout des doigts et parfaitement digérées. Ses compositions font sans cesse le pont entre garage rock et glam, entre rock psychédélique et britpop, entre punk et pop."

-Songazine, French Music, Link

"But if the charm of its diversity of styles doesn't get you the songs will. This record is chalk full of so many bangers you won't be able to resist dropping the needle on this baby for a hot minute." 

-Why Pick on Me Music, Link

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